Mascots & Cards

Just a quick post to show some things I had been working on, nothing special but happy about how it all turned out!

Firstly, back in 2012 I came up with  mock up designs for some anime-style mascot characters . Now, my artist skill is lacking so I took the designs to a good friend of mine and she looked them over and agreed to give them life for me.

The designs turned out pretty much exactly as I had hoped!  Though only  a few designs came to exist because of some things that came up on her end and had to put time elsewhere.

Here they are,  Miyagi Izumi and her slightly younger sister Miyagi Ayame.  (Izu left, Aya Right)


Using them I also threw together some contact cards!


I had these printed by and gloss coated.  They turned out great!

I know they are simple but as it was my first time making something like this I am happy with it.   (^_^)

Moving forward I would like to get in touch with some more artist to try to get some other variants of the sisters drawn up.  I  myself am trying to practice but it will be a while before I could come even close to what you see here.

I have a mock up of a 3rd character as well that I would like to have drawn up.

I do have a plan for these characters outside of just this I have been thinking up a story to go along with them.

Perhaps I’ll give my try at a manga at some point?

Anyway folks, thanks again for giving a read to my blog! I appreciate it greatly.  Do have a wonderful day/night! (^_^)v

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