A big decision.

Well, today has been quite the day I would say.

I learned of a Japanese language school based in Tokyo, it goes by the name of  ‘KCP International’  Link –  http://www.kcpinternational.com/

I’ve been reading into it a bit and it is something that is somewhat within my realm of possibility, it is a full immersion course and would for sure be a challenge.

However, I have not once looked for an easy way out as when it comes to learning a language such things do not exist.  This is just a path, a place to start and perhaps just what I need.

They provide both family housing and dorm rooms to students and the school itself seems well constructed.    If I were to apply, and then be accepted it would be roughly 3 months in Tokyo as that is what the tourist visa would permit.

Thinking about it brings forth both excitement and fear.

Fact of the matter is that my social anxiety is awful but as I have said previously I would rather not have my life governed by that forever so perhaps this would be a good chance to break that barrier.

I will think much on this topic over the weekend, if you have any input or feedback I would be happy to give it a read.  I gladly take any advice that can be offered! (^_^)

Until next time, be well all!

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